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Discover the real story of Troy and the Trojan War
TROY IN ENGLAND   Where Troy Once Stood
September 2009 newly revised and expanded edition available now.
This works 431 pages explodes the mythical notions of Greek and Turkish origins for Troy with a weight of compelling clear evidence that is so obvious.
The real City of Troy and location of the Trojan War are revealed in great detail with their Celtic origins.
Highly detailed Supporting evidence includes: ancient historic writings, accurate geographic and topographic matching, detailed maps, countless archaeological finds, historic place name matching, cultural and linguistic evidence.
The Author has done an outstanding job of piecing together the countless fragments of evidence.
The only remaining question, why, with so much evidence staring us in the face for centuries did it take so long to realise Troy and the Trojan War occurred in western Europe, centred in Britain.
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Strabo famous historian and Geographer The Author is not alone in his view, the ancient scholar Strabo agrees that the ports of call recorded in the Odyssey (ancient sailors guide) should be found in the Atlantic because of the oceans and tides that do not exist in the Mediterranean.
NB: Strabo is a famous historian, geographer and philosopher born in 63BC in current day Amasya, Turkey. He travelled widely and is famous for his 17 volume Geography containing the history and descriptions of people and places all over the world.
The modern day scholar Professor Sir Moses Finley, emeritus of Ancient History at the University of Cambridge (Fellow of British Academy 
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Sir Moses Finley Professor of Ancient History " There has come to be an abundance of empirical evidence that the world Homer wrote about did exist. "
" The opinions of later Greeks and 19th Century scholars are irrelevant. We are confronted with this paradox that the more we know, the worse off we are. Homer's Trojan War must be evicted from the history of the Greek Bronze Age "

Professor P H Damste (Speech & Language pathology) author of "Concentric Man" 
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" Valuable knowledge is to be discovered about the people of the Northwest European coast around 1200 BC, how they navigated the oceans and a great war between the Kings of continental Europe and the Trojan king in England who held a monopoly of tin-mining in Cornwall. Such information is encoded in the Iliad and Odyssey. "
Professor P H Damste - author Concentric Man " It is likely that a story transmitted orally for 400 years befor being written down was so important that leaders of every generation learned it. Comparable to how some see the Bible and Koranic texts today. "
" The itinerary of Odysseus describes the countries and seas as known at the time by very few initiates. Those who learned to interpret the coded story understood the underlying knowledge. "
" Another author on the subject, Ernst Gideon, has pointed out that the ancient Celtic and Homeric notions as to religion and society are very similar. "
In his older work "Troje lag in Engeland: Odysseus landde in Zeeland" (translated: Troy lay in the United Kingdom: Odysseus landed in the Netherlands) Ernst Gideon follows the work of the 18th and 19th century Belgium authors De Grave and Cailleux, who went some way to show Troy was located in England and that the Odyssey took place in the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel.
Like the Author Ernst Gideon also understands the ocean Homer writes about is wide, wild and dangerous, never smooth and sunny, the colour grey and never blue, the ocean could never have been the Mediterranean sea.
The Author, Professor Finley, Professor Damste, Ernst Gideon and De Grave and Cailleux all realised long ago there was a substantial weight of evidence making it clear that Troy and the Trojan War did not occur in Greece and Turkey (as we know it today), but some where else.
The Author explains the ancient writings that tell us a great many straight forward facts relating to Troy and the Trojan War which show it was not located in the Greek and Turkish Mediterranean, a few of these are:
  • The Achaeans built 1186 ships for their attack on Troy, they could have travelled the short distance overland far quicker and cheaper if Troy really had been in the Turkish setting.
  • Odysseus claimed to have got home by travelling as a passenger on a ship going from Crete to Sidon (present day Sa´da in Lebanon), but that is the opposite direction he needed to go in the Mediterranean setting.
  • Agamemnon tells us it took him a full month to sail from his kingdom Argos to Ithaca, we know the trip takes less than 24 hours in the Mediterranean setting.
  • The mythical location for Troy in Turkey is far too small to accommodate the invading army of about 100,000 men and the long pursuits in horse-drawn chariots.
  • The extensively travelled Greek geographer Strabo who lived 2000 years ago (1200 years after the Trojan War) believed that some of the ports of call in the Odyssey should be found in the Atlantic because of the mention of tides that do not really exist in the Mediterranean.
The Author clearly shows that not one of forty characteristics of the City of Troy and the Trojan War plain fit the Mediterranean setting, but they all fit the plains near Cambridge and the Gog Magog Hills, where more than 12 rivers mentioned in Trojan War writings (Iliad) can still be recognised and many hundreds of bronze weapons have been found and dated to the time (c.1200 BC)
The battlefield is clearly reconstructed in great detail with the aid of detailed maps, readers can follow the military action in the field, the defensive dikes and the canal built to protect the Achaean camp can still be seen today.
The author also unravels the Odyssey which in part is an oral maritime chart of the Atlantic, the Channel and the North Sea for Celtic sailors, it was also to pass on all kinds of other knowledge when there was no other way because society as a whole was illiterate.
Through 30 years of dedicated detective work the Author has discovered the location of Troy and the Trojan War and reveals all in stunning depth in this 2009 edition (newly revised and expanded). There are no less than 431 pages including: 28 maps, 24 photographs, 23 illustrations and tables.
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Where Troy Once Stood
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