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Discover The Real Story of Troy (Part 1) on DVD

The outstanding book Where Troy Once Stood now has a companion documentary DVD produced by wvpTV  
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Where Troy Once Stood The book's first editions published after 30 years of in depth research by the author Iman Jacob Wilkens stunned historians and archaeologists turning conventional ideas of history on their head.
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For hundreds of years the great City of Troy mystery was one of the biggest archaeological puzzles which has now been solved and will rewrite the history of the British Isles.
This is The Real Story of Troy, not to be confused with the Warner Bros mythical adventure "Troy Movie", Warner missed the opportunity to make a much more interesting movie based on the real history you will find in both the book and DVD.
Troy The Real Story (Part 1) visits key locations, archaeological evidence and related discoveries not covered in the latest book. This documentary puts human development, knowledge and history into a compelling clear perspective.
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  TROY The Real Story DVD
TROY The Real Story DVD


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